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Mattel and Lego and Cynthia [11 May 2010|02:17am]
[ mood | discontent ]

Cynthia messaged me and wants to he friends again. That's bloody fantastic! I missed her. A lot. Probably on an unhealthy level. Although, it makes me feel even stupider for not doing so first, but I guess I thought she would say oh to the hell no.

So what if Mattel and Lego had a buissiness partnership and they both agreed to only work with each other, which makes sense since they both do plastics. Ok, so then one day Lego decides that they want to work with Beanie Babies instead but Mattel is confused and angry about a proposed meeting between those two and so Mattel says no because they have a contract. But then Legos friend company, Mega Blocks, says it's a good idea and that they should meet anyways and just not tell Mattel. So then Lego meets up with Beanie Babies and doesn't tell Mattel about it but then Mattel finds out about it later on anyway and becomes very upset and not sure what to do with the Lego partnership but does forgive Lego. Then, a few days later, Mattel finds out that Beanie Babies wrote up a small contract when Lego "wasn't looking" and they were "just there." Should Mattel say "well nothing big happened and it was the only time" and trust Lego again? Lego did confess to the small breach in contract. Or should Mattel say "hey, you want to break the contract at all, then have fun working your own deals from now on. Have a nice day." and move everything out of the office.

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[18 Mar 2010|01:26am]
I feel alone. I feel that Brandon is the only one who still knows me really. I'm alone always.
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I drowned out all my senses with the sound of it's beating. [31 Oct 2009|08:49pm]
I can't wait for the day when I don't have to work at walmart anymore.
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[14 Oct 2009|11:11pm]
Last night I had a dream that I was eating some ice cream and then, for no apparent reason, my four front teeth sort of got cut in half and fell out and the pieces were stuck together. I thought, Ok well maybe i don't look too bad right? So I go and have a look in the mirror which is conviently nearby and I see myself and for a second I think it's not too bad and then I sort of slapped myself. It was like WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!?? YOU LOVE BIG TEETH AND YOURS JUST GOT CUT IN HALF BY SOME ICE CREAM!!!! NOW YOU HAVE MIDGET TEETH AND WHO LIKES THAT? So anyway, I go to find some superglue because the four half teeth that are stuck togeher can fit back onto the others but I have to get superglue so that they will stay in place. Then my parents walk in and they are Roseanne and Dan from the Roseanne show and they tell me not to do that because they would take me to the dentist. Then I woke up. It was really weird and I hope my teeth never EVER fall out.
I really wanted to visit my dad today but Brandon got off from work early so I didn't. I wish I had gone anyway.
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[18 Sep 2009|12:58am]
[ mood | lazy ]

so the more that Brandon and I hang out with Jim and Sarah, I feel like I need more. Because we go to their place all the time and they're married but I don't want that really at all. I want to have stuff like Sarah does. She has a theme for her kitchen! I want that!! Their bedroom is themed too! AND she has like 40 pairs of shoes! Why don't I? I don't want a stupid food theme for the kitchen or anything (she has grapes, but I don't like that) but a color or color scheme would be good. Like all cool colors or something? OR maybe all geometric shapes or something like that? That would be cool!! It would be a lot easier if we lived on our own though...
We need a new mattress. Bad! This one is all sunk in where my butt is and it makes my back hurt and i can't get very comfy.
Oh man!! The day after I realized this, the four of us all went to IKEA and my brain went hunting for stuff! And I got Ballerina cookies! BUT the best part of it all is that Brandon pretty much said yes to everything that I liked and so I'm gonna hide some money every paycheck so that I can save up and get a bunch of stuff!
Brandon "got me a new cat" but I had to get her myself. She looks like Harley and Salsa!! Her name is Martha and she loves to eat like it's her last meal on earth. Her and Rose are (hopefully) starting to get along. I think.
I really want to see Jennifer's Body so bad even though it will probably be stupid but i don't care.

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[25 Aug 2009|11:24pm]
I really wish that Brandon would be more supportive. All he says are negative things. The few times that he has said something really supportive, he changed it later and pissed all over it. What the fuck?

I really fucking hate fucking working at fucking walmart.
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[06 Aug 2009|04:42pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Sick sick sick. Sick of being sick.

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[05 May 2009|10:15pm]
[ mood | content ]

Ok chaps. I needs some ideas for what to dress up as for Le Dragon Con!!!! It's far, far away (september i think?) but i need ideas NAOW! I know one day I am going as Sarah Jane Smith or Romana from the Tom Baker Doctor Who, but I want to dress up more days and not as the same thing. I also don't want to be only Doctor Who either...I don't want to be a vampire AGAIN and i'm thinking one day I might just wear some weird makeup or something and just tell people I'm an alien or something. Also, I need to batten down the hatches and save up mucho ammounts of money so I can shop my huge ass off there. aw yeah! Saving money is not as easy as I always want to think it is. poo.

I need some songs to burn onto a/some cd/s so the carride to Britta's school with my mom wont be so...I don't know. I don't want to talk for 3 hours.

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[28 Mar 2009|03:24pm]
I have been told that I am a patient person and I really am. Sometimes it just gets to be too much.
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Cynthia Brown needs to die. [16 Mar 2009|09:16pm]
[ mood | angry ]

WHY WHY WHY when I make a really good friend who is a girl, do they always end up so fucking weird? what is with that? for real.
First i had Sarah, but she was totally insane in the membrane and did not have a focus on real life at all. Like how she thought she was "teh hottness" when in fact she resembeled(probably still does) a bloated walrus of some kind.
I was cool with kim but I offended her and stuff and now I don't know. We're ok, but we don't hang out. I don't really have spare time to hang out with anyone though.
Then there was Cynthia! I thought, "Well, ok, she only has like maybe three teeth that are NOT rotted out and nasty, but she is cool and thinks I'm funny, ect ect ect." So it was good. Then I moved out and then Robert went nuts and I was like, "wanna move in lol" and she was like "lol yah coz my mom is trying to charge me money for stuff like $400!" So i said ok and we all helped her and it was fine. We all thought everything was good, except for her. When she first moved in I said "No dogs! OUr landlord said no no!" she was cool with it. Until last week. Then she randomly goes "I'm moving back in with my mom because she will let me have that dog and financial reasons ect ect ect" Whatever bitch, i hope the remaining teeth in your mouth fall out while you are kissing Devin. In front of a lot of people. And now YOU wont talk to ME at work?? EXCUSE ME. You are the one who totally stabbed me in the back you fucking asshole i hope you die in a horrible burning fire of some kind. I also hope that Devin is getting it on with a guy. Or two. i should have put broken glass in front of your tire. Maybe i will at work. because i hate you. i hope you get fired so that i never have to see your redneck, country, hillbilly ass again. Your children are gonna be ugly kthxbye.

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[13 Mar 2009|08:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So Cynthia wants to move out because she really wants a dog and our landlord said no. And she wants to pay off her car. Um...what. I thought things were going pretty well but apparently i was wrong. Also, someone ate her hot pockets. And Brandon used up all her vacuum powder. He did say he would buy more.

Soo...apparently having Brandon's dad drive an HOUR after a ten hour day just to move her furniture wasn't enough. I don't even LIKE Brandon's dad but I still appreciate everything he does and I know he works hard. She get more money than I do and she gets a $400 check from the army every month. That's not enough? Her car is gonna be paid off in two months. When Devin got their money from the refund he should have given her the money to pay off the car or the credit cards. Not on a new laptop and shit. He gets a paycheck from the army and extra money since they don't live together. So, he couldn't use that? I really don't understand. She can get a $500 dog, but can't pay off the credit card? WHAT.

I don't get it. At all. I'm mad. And disappointed. What feeling is like a mix of the two?
I feel bad because she was MY choice for roomate and she wasn't reliable. I feel bad because this shouldn't happen twice and I don't want to make Butch mad. He is mad though. I feel like it's my fault.

Also, if she didn't want anyone to eat her hot pockets then she should have labled them. Or something. This is drama for no fucking reason. What the hell is wrong with everyone.

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wtf walmart [10 Mar 2009|09:19pm]


Anyways. So walmart is so fucking crazy too. Sooooooo, first we find out that one of the managers is a STRIPPER and we were all going nuts about that. Then we hear that the co-manager is sleeping with one of the assistant managers, everyone believes that one. Earlier this week, one of the co-managers is arrested, but not the same co-manager that was previously mentioned. This manager was dating one of the assistant managers and apparently he started smacking her ass and she told him to stop and he wouldn't so she started to run and he started to chase after her and so she called the cops on him and he got taken out of the store with handcuffs on. wow.
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[06 Mar 2009|06:21pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]




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Holy OMG [14 Feb 2009|06:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I like your booty, but I'm not gay. (not gay)
I like your booty, but I'm not gay. (not gay)
I like your booty, but I'm not gay. (not gay)
I like your booty, but I'm not gay. (not gay)
I like your booty, but I'm not gay. (not gay)
I like your booty, but I'm not gay. (not gay)

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[12 Feb 2009|07:43pm]

Oh em gee.  Today was really quite nice.   I found out about the whole chris Brown and Rihanna thing which is so crazy for real.  I have been thinking about it ALL DAY. 
I'm going to hang out with Britta next weekend, so that will be fun.  We are going on "The Hunt for Paige."  I also want to go by Forest Place and Sandalwood Circle while we are in the area.  Apparently Theresa and Michael still live in Sandalwood Circle and it would be nuts if we saw them too.  I'm looking forward to it though. 
Went out with Cynthia today and she is very excited about moving in, so that's good.  It's so funny because she has the Rolling Stone picture of Zac Effron in her room and i told her that she should hang it on the outside of her door so that Butch could see it every morning!  Hahaha!!!!  It would annoy him so bad, but it would be so hilarious.
Rose can totally fetch and it is so weird.  She loves doing it though, so whatever. 
I'm going to go hunt for the side-boob picture of Miley Cyrus now, so Ciao. 
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[05 Dec 2008|08:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So Sarah said that we aren't friends anymore.  Boohoo waaah!  I'm so hurt ect ect.  Maybe if she took time to actually listen to my problems once in a while, maybe I would actually care.  Last time she came in to walmart with her "way cool friends" they all stunk like cigarettes so bad and i flat out said "You guys stink, go away."  Sorry.  Those people that were with her were so obviously still in high school and so I wrote her a message telling her that when she was ready to grow up then i would be ready to talk to her.  I am busy.  I don't have time for people who are still trying to hold on to high school.

I POSTED PICTURES OF THE HOUSE ON MYSPACE GO LOOK AT THEM.  It's even better in person!  It's so lovely. 

Since Brandon started watching Dr. Who, he is really very interested in going to England, so I am going to start saving up some money.

I still want to go see Twilight.

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[02 Dec 2008|10:54pm]
We have a house!!  Yipee!!  We are going to have a housewarming party!  So we can get presents!!!!!  You bring me things!  We need cleaning things, candles, MONEY (gift cards), pillows, FOOD, cutie things...  I don't know what else.  We need stuff for the cats!  Salsa and Baby need things like toys and treats! Food bowls!  Aw Salsy!!  
I am going to post the pictures when i get my camera back.  There is a lake in the back and roses in the front.  It's in a really great neighborhood!  It's awesome basically. 
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[22 Nov 2008|01:19pm]
Geoff and i are not friends at all anymore.  I told him i didn't like the way he talked to me and that he was pompous and he didn't understand.  He said "If you just get to know me, then you will know that i am a good guy..." Dude, I have known you for many years and you have always been the same.  I am tired of trying to help you out and you always shooting it down.  You don't listen to me and you think you are better than me.  I'm done.

Tanya is leaving.  That's sad.

Last night and the night before I had dreams where I did LSD and the first time it was fun and there were rainbow colors and all that but the second time it was not fun.  It was like being on a ride that lasts too long.  It was weird because i have never done anything in my life and it was two nights in a row. 

I bought Tropic Thunder.  It's funny but it's not like i thought it was gonna be.
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[05 Nov 2008|08:47pm]
Oh my god.  I LOVE Little Big Planet.  All the way.  That game is everything i want in a game.  Like you wouldn't believe. 
Gas is cheap right now, yay!!
They are giving me more hours at work!  woohoo!
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Pretentious assholes. [21 Oct 2008|03:59am]
[ mood | angry ]

It's sad when someone you used to be really good friends with turns out to be JUST like they were in high school.  Just as pretentious and know-it-all as they always had been.  It's funny, all that talk about how you have changed so much for the better, well not really.  You still think you know everything, despite the fact that you said you didn't.  You purposly used complicated words just so you would seem smarter.  Well, you really just looked like an ass.  Good Job.  Stop pretending like you are not analyzing me.  Pissed me off.  It basically translated to "Pretty much all my friends are smart coz...you know...they go to college...and I am pretty great.  You don't go to college though...but you know you are still my friend even though you are not as smart as me"  That was pretty much the entire conversation.  Oh, and it was also, "Michael was so good for you and Brandon is not."  Why?  Because you had more of a chance with me when i was with Mikey?  I talked to you more when i was with him?  Well Brandon hates you because he thinks you are the same as you were in high school, just like you think he is.  what a surprise!   Well, I'm pretty much in love with him and i pretty much hate you now, so whatever.  I know all of his flaws, so it is more ok for me to say negative things about him.  But i also actually KNOW Brandon.  You don't know him and you don't know me at all anymore, so what exactly makes us still friends?  Also, i loved the part where you said "It must suck having both your sisters in college and you're not."  aka "it must be sad to be such a loser!"  I pretty much don't want to talk to you again.  Ever.  Thanks for making me feel like shit.  You asshole.  Yeah, totally best friends for life.

Also, go die.  On the way, catch some kind of VD from a slut, please.  I know those are the kind of girls you like.  Kthnxbye.

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[18 Sep 2008|08:28pm]
Sooooo....on Monday I was going to call Minda and Don to tell them that i didn't really want to go to trivia because i am lazy, but then Brandon calls and says "I am going to be fired." and i was like, "what?"  So he tells me that since the keys got lost and he was the last person to have been seen with them then he could be fired.  That would be VERY BAD.  He has bills to pay and a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend (me) to take care of.  I was like "Oh shit." and i didn't know what to tell him.  Then he calls me again and says that he GOT fired and i didn't know what to say.  He told me he was coming home and my brain was rushing and trying to think of what to do.  Then about an hour later, he calls me and says that he is NOT fired and that they told him that to try and catch the person who did take the keys.  Two of the other associates said that they saw Brandon giving the keys to another associate but they don't remember who.  So he is NOT fired.  I have not called Don and Minda since then, but i should.  I feel weird though because i never called them on Monday.
I have some ideas of what to get Brandon for Christmas.  It should be easy, but i want to get him something really special but also something he would appreciate.  I bought some kick ass high heels and they are SO cool, but they are just slightly too big, which sucks.  I need them like a half size smaller but they aren't made in half sizes.  that sucks.  But i'm going to wear them anyway. 
Kate and Britta and Robert are coming home this weekend, cool.
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[03 Sep 2008|01:06pm]
Went to work yesterday and i was really worried about seeing my boss because i really felt like i was going to loose it on her.  I have never met anyone in my entire life who was stupider than she is.  She has messed up everyone's scheduel and the entire front end.  Thank you Kristi.
Dragon Con was so much fun!!  Brandon and i want to go again next year, so we are making plans NOW.  We also need people to share the hotel rooms with.  ahh.  My new contacts are way cool. 
I'm doing well on Don and Minda's blanket though.  It's the size of a big couch cushion.  it's taking forever though.  I need one more skein of colored yarn and it will be all good.  oh yeah.
I got Daria on DVD and i'm going to watch it right now!
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[01 Sep 2008|09:54pm]
Ok, so Dragon Con was the coolest.  We did so much and met so many people.  I met Neville from Harry Potter and i saw Sean Astin and Nathon Fillion and Alan Tudyk and Adam West!  I put a lot of pictures up on myspace.  i saw the cheerleader from Heroes and met Freddy Kruger.  And Jewel State.  There were so many people too, it was nuts.  The hotels were really nice, but the rooms were small so we had to drive back and forth.  There were a lot of Dr. Who stuff and a lot of Jokers and all that.  There was a mini Sweeny Todd and he was SO cute and he said "At last, my arm is complete again!" and it was the greatest ever.  I got these cool contacts that are yellow right around the pupil and then blue around the rest.  They are creepy.  There was so much to do and way too much to buy and it sucked that i had limited funds but oh well.  I was dressed as a vampire the first day, Harley Quin the second, and a dead pirate kind of thing the third day.  Kristi called me for work on Friday, even though I couldn't come in even if i hadn't been in ATL because that would have meant that i would have worked 6 days that week which is against Walmart policy, so oh well.  We are going to go again next year but we are going to stay in a hotel next year so Brandon and I will have much more energy and we can get more sleep.  I'm still tired and we stayed home the whole day.
Last night i had a dream that Brandon proposed to me and then got me like 6 pieces of jewelry and ten my mom found out and she was so pissed off and she was yelling and stuff.  I also dreamed that i was talking to my boss about me being absent.  Oh well, whatever.
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[30 Aug 2008|12:10am]
Um, Dragon Con is pretty much the coolest.  I saw like 6 Doctor Whos.  Pictures on myspace.
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[11 Aug 2008|02:54pm]
 Stop.  your temper is too quick and i'm getting tired of having to deal with it.  You are making this hard for me.

Fucking Jacob.  I no like him.  i like Edward better.  i don't like this book as much as i wanted to.
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[30 Jul 2008|07:07pm]
[ mood | content ]

 Livejournal is so stupid.
I feel like I do not have time for this.

I don't have a car.
I don't have a phone.
BUT! Twilight and Harry Potter might both be coming out in December and I am GOING TO DRAGON CON so cool.

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[01 Jul 2008|10:34pm]
I'm gonna paint a picture of the joker for Brandon and i'm gonna take him to the aquarium!  yay!!  life is mostly peachy keen...  move out?  i wanna.
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whatever people. [22 May 2008|05:14pm]
Mama had to cancel the gym membership, which totally sucks.  now i have to just run around the neighborhood or something.  damn.  But!  I have lost some weight!  I can tell so it's great.
Before I was poor, I bought this book about how to crochet little monsters and they are way cute.  I told someone at work about it and how i would make her one and she said it would be cool.  BUT!  She pronounced the T at the end of the word "crochet" and i just about punched her in the face.  IT IS A SILENT T BECAUSE IT IS A FRENCH WORD.  God jesus.  I can't stand people anymore.  it's pronounced "kro-shae" ok?  not "kro-shet" because that sounds fucking rediculous.  i have such a short fuse lately.
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Will you find your cord in its' home? [07 May 2008|12:50pm]
 I've got to admit
It's getting better.
It's getting better all the time.
Yes, I admit it's getting better
A little better since you've been mine.

Oooer.  I bought the PedEgg and it works so well!!
I got Robyn's new cd and i likes it whery much.
My govt money came in and I am mailing in a car payment that was a tad late.  whoops!  but it is taken care of.  
I signed up for Keep the Change!  wheeee!!
I'm gonna get a haircut!
The work pants that I used to have to pray before i put them on so that they would fit me actually felt loose!  Right out of the wash!  yay!
We dyed Brandon's hair black.  Then he called and said he hated it so we tried to strip the color off and it turned dark red, so then we tried to dye it brown and...well it was bad so he got a haircut and now he looks like Clark Kent.  hahaha!  He hates Superman.  And he made me fried rice!  Yummo!!!
I'm gonna go work out now.
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[25 Apr 2008|01:04am]
Jason Mraz concert was #2 on my list of best concerts.  It was close though, but i don't think anything can top Amit from the A*Teens touching my hand and Marie specifically noticing me.  Naw.  But it was bloody great.  and there was a magician!  come on, that's great.

I'm way tired.
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